Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just snatched this picture of my sister Carol from her daughter in law's Facebook page.

I began my blog with a posting back in Feburary with a shot of the helicopter that was bringing in her organs for her transplants...... God is so good! So many people were so dedicated to keep her in their prayers. She's up and around, still improving! I got to be with her a bit last month on our spur of the moment trip to Florida.

She'll be flying up to Alaska the first part of September to visit our mother and sisters and friends she left behind back in March of '07 when the doctors thought it was 'just a matter of time'.... She was doing so poorly and wanted to go back to Florida to be with her kids ... But, look at her now! Glory to God!

I've got some really amazing sisters who have overcome some very tough medical (and other) situations. I am blessed.!.!

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  1. How wonderful for her & the entire family ... God has blessed us all with these wonderful medical technologies. Glad she is doing so well. TTFN ~Marydon