Monday, July 20, 2009

Liberty Hill....population 1,409.... 1.9 square miles.... out west of Georgetown. Just a small town where we've been for a few weeks. OH - MY - GOSH... it's been soooo HOT! Everyday over 100 degrees.... and no rain. It's so dry out there. But ..... We had such a nice time. After living in Houston day to day it's nice just to take a break somewhere like Liberty Hill...........
Just down the way from Liberty Hill is Oatmeal. Oatmeal Texas. We saw a sign and had to go check it out. As far as we could find..... this is it! There's an Oatmeal Festival there in July but we weren't still there to find out what it's all about. Ya know how ya go into a town and see the sign that says, "Population ....." They don't have a sign. But we had to get this picture!
Pay NO attention to the dates on the pictures. We forgot to set the date!

We found lots of little shops out in that direction. We went into Marble Falls and Leander (Population in July 2007: 11,123) and Burtram and Georgetown and found the thrift shops and antique stores and found lots of goodies. Even found an estate sale just before we left in Burtram ( a total area of 1.1 square miles with 387 households).
These are some of my goodies. WHAT BARGAINS!
I fell in love with this "chenille" bedspread!

And the little birds, so sweet!

Bottles and buttons and hats.........

Look at the pink and black hat!

The pieces of china are mostly mismatched but they we 5 and 10 cents. look at the little pitcher, cute!

HOW could I leave them behind at that price??? Linens, too! Doilies, tablecloths, pillowcases, dresser scarves.... I still have more to unpack!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I love the country look.... I want a kitchen like this.......And a place for a nap like this... Below:

I haven't been doing any blogging because we've been out of town for over two weeks...... We're out in the Texas Hill Country. The town we're in make Mayberry look big!
We've been wandering around the area and been sight seeing and window shopping and hitting every resale shop, thrift store, estate sale and such that we could find.
I've taken a few pictures but can't load them on this computer, so that has to wait till we get home.
I have ooooodles of stuff to unsack and clean and soak and a few things to paint ..... So many goodies...... From lace to metal. Some of it on it's own isn't worth much but it'll spruce something up for sure. Some of it just needs a new color. (WHITE!!! My favorite!) And, some just a little cleaning and shining and a new place to sit.
I can't even remember what all I've found.
Next weeks gona be fun when I realize all my finds!