Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm making a big pot of Cream Peas.
For anyone who doesn't know what Cream Peas are, you just don't know what you're missing!
Cream Peas are similar to Purple Hull Peas but they have a milder, creamier taste. 'Course, there's chance you have no idea what Purple Hulls are either.....
Cream Peas, Purple Hulls, Blackeyed Peas, Crowder Peas, Field Peas.... They're each a different southern 'delicacy'. Usually fresh peas are only available in mid-summer (we're already hot here in Texas), seems I've found these alittle earlier than usual, and they can cost you more per pound than a lot of good steaks but they're sooooo worth every penny!
CreamPeas are my second favorite.... Field Peas with lots of tender snaps are my VERY MOST FAVORITE. But I know these Cream Peas are gona be great!
If want a sensational, healthy, filling meal, try the simple southern version.
I think my favorite meal ever is a few slices of fresh, ripe, red sliced tomatoes covered with steaming hot peas, an ear of corn on the side and hot, southern, fried cornbread..... No sugar in the cornbread and forget the butter for the corn or the cornbread. You won't need it.
I had a friend from up north who years ago said I made a plate of peas taste better than a filet mignon! Those words are from a yankee so don't close your mind........ taste 'em first!
We went by a vegetable stand just a ways from here on Sunday and I stopped, just in time.... they were about to close up and I found the Cream Peas, some Blackeyed Peas, tomatoes and Georgia peaches..... I'll be doing a Peach Cream Pie for Memorial Day.
Peas are so easy to cook.... Much as I love mine, they're still not as good as Grandma's in Florida. NOTHING I cook is as good as hers.
Just rinse the peas well, put in a big pot with plenty of water, some salt pork, onion, pepper, maybe a little salt depending on how salty your salt pork is, I find out here, unless you find pork jowls, there's really very little salt on the salt pork. Bring to a boil, skim off the foam, lower the heat and cook, simmering, about an hour and a half or so until they're done, tender but not mushy.

Make some fried corn bread.....And enjoy!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I haven't actually had a day that I went out and wandered, looking for those sweet things I love but as I've been going here and there and I've managed to stop at a few places I'd just driven past before. What was I thinking?
A friend of mine said we need to both gather 2 or 3 bags of stuff from around the house before we go out looking and allow our selves to bring back even 1!
I've reached the point of (sadly) realizing that's pretty true. If I see something I like well enough to bring home to use, it has to replace something. There's no spot here just waiting to be filled.
One good thing, tho'.... I have friend, Liz, who's recently moved from a large 3700 square foot home to one less than 1000 sq. foot.... Her husband didn't like anything feminine around the house, anywhere. She sold him just about every single item in their house when she moved (waiting for the divorce) and is filling her newly refurbished "cottage" with things that make her feel "soft" and feminine.
Her painter called her one day before she had moved in and said "What color is the kitchen supposed to be?" He'd made a mistake and painted the kitchen pink and didn't think about it until he was done. IT'S FABULOUS..... But.. this is all another post. My point.... I spend more time now collecting for her and shopping for her and sharing with her than I do for myself. Nothing I pick up or move out of my house goes unwanted.
I gathered up my linens I've found the past few months and cleaned and ironed them. I was surprised just how many beautiful ones I've found to add to my collection.

And Trinkets ....

and treasures....
for inside and out.....
I just gathered a few of my new things I've found here and there on outings and at recent garage sales.You can NEVER have too many roses!This is Elvis.... Or it looks like our Elvis. We have a little 1/2 minature schnauzer 1/2 minature dachshund but darker than this.
Too cute not to get!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I haven't posted in almost a month.... Goodness, I've had lots going on I could post about just haven't been able to fit that task in. But I just have to today!
I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.
I sure did.... A very nice weekend, in fact!

I have 4 fantastic, thoughtful, loving kids and 14 all very different grandkids and 1 more on the way this year and 1 great grandchild.
It was just great to get to be with all 4 of my kids, their spouses and the kids...
Two of my kids with their families came into town for the weekend while two live nearby.
We spent a while visiting with the kids painting tee-shirts and catching up. Then we headed off to Amalia's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Fabulous fajitas!!!!

Fried tortillas stuffed with bananas and chocolate chips and Tres Leche cake for dessert.... YUMMY!
Sunday we started out with a breakfast buffet, hung out after that some more. Then ended the day with a craw fish boil over at Buddy's. I don't eat craw fish but there MUST be SOMETHING good 'bout 'em 'cause those who do eat 'em, LOVE 'EM!
I got some great gifts, too! Got a beautiful new watch from Kathryn and her family. Her timing was perfect... I'd been without a watch for about 4 days.
Buddy and Minnie sent me a great basket of goodies and Jen bought me neat STUFF FOR THE GARDEN!!!!! You can never have too much stuff for the garden!
Cort and Tara stopped on the way into town at the farmers market and picked up fresh vegetables... Fresh corn....

Dewberries and strawberries.... Tomatoes, squash, cantaloupe, onions, sweet potatoes and and and .... are you ready???
They're cookin right now!
Daelen made a pretty plaque.... So sweet. I have to post a picture of it soon.

And Ig.....
She said the night before she had no Mother's Day gift for me. Said she'd looked and never found anything she thought was "right". That's ok, of course... but the Sunday Morning she opened her blog for me.... ( Check the 2nd post she has for Sunday..... For sure... I cried. Soooo sweet.
This is an old picture of her.... We were in Florida visiting Auntie Fassin and she was naughty and got sent to the corner.... She just set down and took a snooze.