Friday, May 21, 2010

I haven't actually had a day that I went out and wandered, looking for those sweet things I love but as I've been going here and there and I've managed to stop at a few places I'd just driven past before. What was I thinking?
A friend of mine said we need to both gather 2 or 3 bags of stuff from around the house before we go out looking and allow our selves to bring back even 1!
I've reached the point of (sadly) realizing that's pretty true. If I see something I like well enough to bring home to use, it has to replace something. There's no spot here just waiting to be filled.
One good thing, tho'.... I have friend, Liz, who's recently moved from a large 3700 square foot home to one less than 1000 sq. foot.... Her husband didn't like anything feminine around the house, anywhere. She sold him just about every single item in their house when she moved (waiting for the divorce) and is filling her newly refurbished "cottage" with things that make her feel "soft" and feminine.
Her painter called her one day before she had moved in and said "What color is the kitchen supposed to be?" He'd made a mistake and painted the kitchen pink and didn't think about it until he was done. IT'S FABULOUS..... But.. this is all another post. My point.... I spend more time now collecting for her and shopping for her and sharing with her than I do for myself. Nothing I pick up or move out of my house goes unwanted.
I gathered up my linens I've found the past few months and cleaned and ironed them. I was surprised just how many beautiful ones I've found to add to my collection.

And Trinkets ....

and treasures....
for inside and out.....
I just gathered a few of my new things I've found here and there on outings and at recent garage sales.You can NEVER have too many roses!This is Elvis.... Or it looks like our Elvis. We have a little 1/2 minature schnauzer 1/2 minature dachshund but darker than this.
Too cute not to get!

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