Friday, August 7, 2009


I went to the fabric store today to see if I could find what I have in mind for my chairs...
I spoke with Tony, he does fabulous upholstering. He's done some of my other stuff. I just want a simple white for the seats.... I'm painting the chairs white, soon .... Lowes was down to just 5 cans of paint in the white I like and it'll take me 2 plus cans for each chair.

I also want him to make some tie on cushions so I was looking around online for an idea of just what I want.

White and pink with ruffles..... I found lots of things with ruffles but no cushions like.

I have an unusual wicker chair that needs a new ruffled cushion, too.
Just look at all of these sweet things from online....

Ruffles. Pink. White. Lace. Perfect!

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