Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is kind of an unusual post, but I thought it might be helpful to someone... I love old linens... tablecloths, napkins, table scarves, hankies, curtains, bedspreads, anything like that. I find them at garage and estate sales, antique and thrift stores and sometimes I even get them as a gift (happy face here). They're marked really cheap alot of the time because they have rust stains on 'em. B...ut I have the never fail, simple solution to remolve the rust. I found this product in the '60's when a metal zipper, this was BEFORE plastic zippers, left a rust stain on my skirt. It's Whink. I've seen it at Walmart and Ace hardware recently. It was hard to find for quite awhile so I bought a couple extra bottles, just in case.... Because I love it! It's worked INSTANTLY on everything I've dripped it on EXCEPT vinyl flooring. I don't understand that but..... if you need to remove rust, this is the answer!

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