Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trying again.

It's been so, so long since I've been here... I blame it on Facebook, my own procrastinating and life in general.
Facebook because I get filled with so much interesting stuff from FB friends... recipes... gardening and decorating ideas, DIY projects.. etc, that I spend very little time even looking at the fabulous blogs I follow.
Procrastinating because I want to have everything ready and organized in my head to post here on my blog.
Life because of so much unexpected happening over the last few months...
I was thinking there was plenty going on.. a new grandbaby girl, born on my father's birthday in August, Caylee Marie. Me being busy with lots of things at church. Keeping up with Bleah, 16 with so many ideas, things to do and places to go.
Then, Kathryn's (my oldest daughter) husband, Franco, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in March of last year. The drs said with chemo he could have eleven months. We prayed for a miracle... so many wonderful people stayed in prayer with us. But Franco went to be with the Lord in January ('12).
Three weeks before this in late December ('11) drs told Kathryn she has stage three breast cancer. She began chemo treatement the week of his funeral.
I've been able to be out here in San Antonio with her to go to chemo most of the time and stay on till she's feeling better and able to tend to stuff and take care of herself. She ended up with pnuemonia after the first chemo and in the hospital for five days.
All of this has put some stuff on hold, more so for Bleah than for me. She'd finished school in January, she's home schooled and graduated a year and a half early.
Kathryn just began the second round of chemo yesterday and will have surgery in June, after her youngest graduates... then radiation ... then reconstruction surgery in about October.
I just ordered some save the date cards for Bleah's graduation party in mid-May so I have to get on the stick and put that together.
One week when Kathryn was feeling surprisingly well we went for 3 days on the beach on Okaloosa Island in Florida.   It. was. so. nice. !
I still have a job keeping my precious Emery (beautiful, 3, amazingly bright and so loving) but because her family is so fabulous, different family member's have stepped in to fill in for me so I can be at Kathryn's.
I am out here more than I'm at gome in Houston and they have been great!
Em's mom has said she'll do some pictures of Bleah for her graduation announcements and even do the announcements!
Okay, so I'm going to get back to my stuff here and blog like a real blogger!
I hear the three girls upstairs getting ready to go do pictures in the Bluebonnets, Lots of rain coming tonight and tomorrow.... need to get this done!

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