Monday, September 20, 2010

I have to get myself back into the practice of doing my blog. I enjoy it, I really do.... I guess it just seems like there's not much going on that's "blog worthy"!
BUT...... I have to share that in just 10 days we'll have our very own HOME GOODS just down the way. About 5 minutes.... IF there's traffic!
It opens Sunday October 2 at 8 a.m.
That's an hour an a half before I have to be at church to do my Etiquette Class..... I can do a lot in an hour.... Especially at HOME GOODS!!!
I'm saving my nickles. Savin' up for that special find and I'm SOOOO excited! I know there's gona be something there that'll be aperfect for some place in my house.
My first trip into Home Goods was about 2 or 3 years ago when we'd made a trip to Florida and ended up e-x-t-e-n-d-i-n-g it and part of the most wonderful summer I've ever had was a road trip up to Soperton Georgia to visit our 90+ year old Aunt Mammie with two of my fabulous sisters, Tammy and Carol.
We also went to Savannah to wander the streets, to eat at Mrs. Wilkes Restaurant and by Paula Dean's Son's restaurant fo a lookie-loo.
I'd never heard of Home Goods but I've been a shopper of Marshall's for years and drive into downtown Houston to go to Marshall's Mega Store as often as I can.
After the summer trip to Savannah, on a trip out to San Antonio my oldest, precious daughter, Kathryn, took me to the new HOME GOODS out there. I found a couple of busts..... this is one..... on the clearance shelves... and I don't remember what else. But I was a HAPPY SHOPPER!
I guess about a year ago, maybe a little more, they started opening up Home Goods here in town and that's just a special day outing for me. I always find pretties for the house and things to stash away as sweet gifts when I need 'em and the prices are sooo good!
Over on Eldridge Pkwy they're connected to TJMAX so Iggie's very happy anytime we go.... Down the road here... at least for now.... it'll just be HOME GOODS.
Now I'm gona have "my own"!

10 days and counting......

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