Friday, August 27, 2010

The Pact...

Well its been over a month since I've done any blogging. Its been a pretty busy Summer, lots of things going on. But now we're back to normal. Here's a little something that happened yesterday.

Hello! My name is Bleah Briann... ( and "Jennifer" is my grandma.
So now that we're all acquainted I'd like to tell y'all a little story.

Trey, Emery, my Grandma, and I were in Sam's the other day, doing some grocery shopping for this church dinner thing we're having. Emery was fussing... Trey was picking on Emery, and talking. And I well... well of course I wasn't doing anything at all. Though I'm told I was talking just as badly as Trey. Grammie was a little distracted. And she was trying to concentrate and I guess we were being kinda difficult. Here's the slant of what Trey figured should be our tactic towards her, since he just wasn't happy with being shushed...

Grammie had turned to  find something and asked me to stay with the buggie. As soon as she was out of sight, and out of ear shot, Trey starts wiggling his finger for me to get closer to him. So I do. "No, give me your ear so I can whisper in it." so I lean my ear in. "Don't you think Grammie is being mean to me today?" he says, "yeah Trey, sure." "And--" he continued, in the most serious tone I think I've ever heard out of a four year old, "--I've noticed she's being mean to you too." I nodded slowly not knowing where this was going. "Well, I think we need to be mean back to her so that she knows how we feel." "mmhmmm" I said, ever so slightly distracted by the fact that Trey suddenly sounded like a politian and Emery was trying to tear the pages off of my new book. "No." he said as he grabbed my arm. "we have to be mean back to her, because then she'll know how sad it makes us feel." "alright Trey, I understand. How are you going to do it?" "Well..." he said with his hand on his chin. "...we can't talk to her. And when we look at her we have to look like this-" he furrowed his eyebrows, and narrowed his eyes, and pursed his lips. It was a seriously scary look-- not really. More humorous then anything. But Trey was convinced it would do the trick. "Oh, and we can't tell her-" he says's "-we can NEVER, EVER tell her." "why not?" I asked. "Because, she'll be very mad, and will not let me watch PBS Kids, or eat snack for a very long time. And she probably won't even let you play on your computer anymore." I'm sorry but that got a laugh out of me, which wasn't good because I was already holding in so many giggles is wasn't even funny. "why are you laughing?!" he said placing his hands on his hips and offering up the infamous Trey-Bo-I'm-Not-Happy-Stare. "Okay, okay, I won't tell her." "ever?" he asked, "ever." "Alright." he said sticking out his hand, "Shake my hand." I stifled a laugh and shook it. "deal?" "deal." I said as Grammie approached. He winked at me.
{the look}
After that, we cruised the store picking up things like, bread crumbs, sugar, and salad greens. Everytime Grammie looked away, Trey gave her that twisted up look. You know that one he had taught me earlier? He's shoot her this glance and then look at me and smile wide and gave me a thumbs up.

Later when we arrived at home and Trey leaned in and said "we're still mad at Grammie right?" I nodded, "yeah Trey, we're still mad at Grammie."

Well that was Thursday... today he came in and asked me yet again "We're still mad at Grammie right?"
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

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