Friday, October 1, 2010

My sister, Carol, in Alaska sent me another box of homemade jellies and goodies. These are a few....
My favorite's the Rose Petal Jelly. Iggie's is the Fireweed Jelly.
She sent some Nutty Rhubarb Hot Fudge Sauce. Haven't tried it, yet.
Some Rhubarb Butter as well as several other yummies.

 I decided I needed something fresh and hot to go with my Rose Petal ..... So, I made some Orange Cranberry Muffins....................

 To make it all better I grilled the muffins in butter (naughty, naughty!).
 Made myself a cup of hot Black Current Decaf Tea.
Now that's me being good to me!

Some of my goodies were made by Carol's friend, Margaret...... Margaret is the daughter of a gentleman, Mr. Johnson, who Carol used to take care of before Carol had her transplants.
Margaret and her husband, Leroi, were driving from their home near Anchorage to the Denver for their son's graduation from medical school this past weekend when they hit a patch of ice and had a terrible accident. Margaret's injuries were minor but Leroi was killed immediatly.
Please keep Margaret, her family and their friends in your prayers.
These people have been so kind and loving to my family.
This is so sad!

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