Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well I'm feeling better.... the sun's been shining and the dreary weather's gone, at least for a bit.

These phots are from chippy-shabby, mllemagpie and vintagesue from their previous trips to Roundtop and Warrenton.
This Friday I'm off and a few friends and I will head to up there to spend the day at the big antique event they have about and hour + northwest of Houston..... I haven't been in years and I'm really excited.
The weather's supposed to be in the low 70's and a beautiful sunny day.

Grabbin a hat to keep from spending the day squinting and a few bags to tote any goodies I find. And the camera!

Miss Ann's coming and driving her truck!!!! Oh what possibilities!

Some call it "Mother of All Flea Markets". I'm sure it is for hundreds of miles around.

I'll be drooling over the vintage garden stuff. No telling what I'll find!

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