Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, we made it to Warrenton and the weather was PERFECT! Started out just abit cool in the morning and just ended up warm and wonderful. Lots of people there for the "preview". There were 4 of us.... Two friends from church, Liz and Karen... Iggie and myself.... As we came in off 290 and headed south and began to see some of the tents set up Miss Liz had to work to keep composed when she thought I was just passing it all up.... I said, "breath, just breath!".
A little farther south she began to realize why....We drove quite a way and then came back with alittle more idea of where we wanted to begin our "Preview". But that really was a joke because it was EVERYWHERE!!!! There could have been no wrong choices. And there was so much to see!!
.... from old phonographs

To flowing fountains...... "shabby-chic boutiques"
Some of us were a bit more serious about the whole thing than others!!!
I chose my shoes for comfort.... Iggie chose hers with photos in mind! There were shops with fabulous, whimsical, creative ideas... Like: Sweettalk..... SweetTalk - Decorative Word Tags, Any Word is Game!
First off I was just drawn to her WHITE... Then we got to lookin around and she let us play with the words and take pictures!I told ya Iggie had a purpose to wearing the neon shoes!
You can find her (Talksweettalk) at
I loved her stuff!
Did I mention one person of our group was missing on the trip? Miss Ann had planned to go with us but she ended up in the hospital with severe back pain (and is still in there today).... But, bless !! her !! heart!! SHE LET ME DRIVE HER PICK-UP SO WE'D HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM TO BRING OUR GOODIES HOME! We love her!
We had such a great time.... Soon I'll be blogging Miss Liz's new home and featuring what she bought in Warrenton on Friday.....

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