Friday, January 22, 2010

We made our trip to Harwin for a little shopping.... Stayed on Westheimer to the opposite end into downtown and had lunch at Katz's. YUMMY! I had a stacked Corned Beef Sandwich.... As good as any I ever had in New York! Iggie ordered Potato Pancakes to go with her Cabbage Rolls... Yum-Yum.... all gone!Tiffany (self described to be picky) chose to stick with something she'd eaten before and ordered Spaghetti, with the meatballs on the side (She's not much on meat, she said.....) Turns out she ate the meatballs.... tried my Corned Beef with Sauerkraut, the Cabbage Rolls and the Potato Pancakes AND LIKED THEM ALL!!!!
We looked at some of the dessert choices and opted to get something to go.... Maybe a slice of the Death By Chocolate Cheesecake to take home to Miss Ann.... Or the Ooey, Gooey Caramel.Next we stopped at Central Market to pick up some bread. We were having soup and then a movie at Pastor's house for dinner.
I could spend the afternoon in their huge bread department!

Lots of different sorts of people when you get that far into downtown. We saw a lady making her way thru town on her pink scooter and later there it was parked in front of CM. You can't see from this pic but it has a side car.... SO CUTE!
This is what Iggie and I need for the beautiful weather days! CM meat section has anything you could want...

And we had to stop and smell the flowers..... we were drawn to the fabulous Peonies. Don't see them too much in Houston because of the heat.(All of my pictures were from my cell phone and to begin with I'm not much of a photographer and it looks like I should have cleaned the lens!!!)

One more shot from inside Katz's.
We made it to dinner with Pastor's family and watched "The Last Sin Eater". We'd seen it before, a couple years ago while we spent an extended, wonderful time off in Florida with my beautiful sister, Tammy and her family. A really good Christian movie about redemption.
Whew! A great day......... But I was tired!
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