Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!
We're back home after 5 days in San Antonio at my oldest daughter's. We go out there every year for Thanksgiving. And as always, it was really nice.
This year was a little different, tho'...... Kathryn and her husband, Franco, signed up at one of the bases out there to pick up a couple of the Air ForceTrainees for Thanksgiving day. I was expecting we'd have a couple young men spending the day with us but it was two young ladies!
If they aren't 'adopted' for the day, they have to stay on base.... I'm sure there's some sort of Thanksgiving meal done for everyone but it must really be tough for them to be away from home and things so different on such a special holiday. They didn't know anything about it until Wednesday. They said they thought it was just anyone who had family nearby that would be allowed to go off base.
Anyway, Denise and Nora came to be a part of our family for the day. It was GREAT! They are two fabulous young ladies!

Denise is from Ohio and Nora from New York. We sure enjoyed having the with us and I think they kinda felt at home:

This was early in the afternoon, before dinner. They're up at 4 a.m. every morning and even tho' Franco had a loud, action movie on the tv and the younger kids were in the front room with their video games and Kathryn and I clanging and banging around they kitchen, they managed to get a little bit of a nap.

They were able to call their families and talk, which they don't get to do too often on base . I know it did their mom's good to hear from them, too!

Well, we got their mom's email addresses and sent them pictures and we're going to stay in touch!

This is Kathryn with them.

The rest of the weekend Kathryn and I shopped and wandered. We found a few sales and I got a couple goodies..... I have to get those pictures together and will post maybe tomorrow............

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  1. Jenifer, Kathryn, and Franco,
    As I have expressed in my emails to you personally, I am the mother of Denise, one of the Air Force Arimen recruits you hosted for Thanksgiving day dinner. I cannot share with you enough my sincere appreciation for opening your home and hearts to my daughter who spoke very highly of your hospitality and warm family. As Denise's journey begins in the AF.....I'm sure your family will hold a special place in her heart for the kindness you have shown her! Thank you so much again for this wonderful act your family has given to our military men and women! Not only did you give a "taste of home" to Denise on Thankgiving day....but you brought a comforting peace to our family as we were unable to be with her on this holiday. The pictures you emailed us were so awesome to see, as you know we have not seen in in several weeks. I have sent them to everyone,one is being framed, and I also have saved them to my desktop pics on my computers! I look forward to staying in touch with your family and possibly seeing your for lunch or dinner at Denise's graduation on Dec 11th. Have a wonderful holiday season to you all!
    God Bless You!

    Gail Arney and Family