Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally, it's cool!

The weather has finally started cooling off here. I didn't think summer would ever end! I don't remember having such a long, hot summer. It began to be in the 100's in June and it went on and on and on.

Anyway, it's nice now and I can begin to think about doing some handwork. Quilting. I like to lap quilt so I have to wait for the cool weather.

The fabrics available now are just about unbelieveable. Look at these colors....

Oh my goodness, they're so BEAUTIFUL!

But I think I'll be working with black and whites....

with a little bit of yellow !

I found a pattern I love in a quilt book, Livin' Large by Heather Mulder Peterson..... It'll be a gift when it's done..... can't say for who...... It was done up at the quilt store and so vibrant! (I took this picture with my cell phone so it isn't the greatest!)Maybe I can take a better one when I get mine done!

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