Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Most everyone recognizes this face.... "Elly May" From the Beverly Hillbillies....What a pretty lady!

Sunday before last we went over to

The Lighthouse Church to hear her as guest speaker. She enjoys talking about her childhood and her religious faith. She says that without her faith in God, she might never have landed the role of Elly May.
"I did a lot of praying and talking to God," she's a devout Christian. "I still do."

A very special friend of mine, Miss Tracy, from my church does outreach with the Lighthouse at Ronald McDonald House here in Houston and other stuff they have going on. Tracy and her husband, Wiley, were host and hostess to Miss Douglas again when she was in town.
This is her today.... still so beautiful!

The Lighthouse isn't a large church yet, but Miss Douglas has been there before and what a special treat to be able to hear her! This was our first time. Her message was towards the children.... good for us adults, too. It was all about character. Staying firm in having Christ-like character and how God will keep you and keep His promises in your life.
She ministered for about an hour and then began praying for anyone who wanted her to. She prayed and had a Word Of Knowledge for each person. She prayed for 10 minutes or more for each one. Needless to say, it took a while.... But it was awesome!

I 've talked to several people since and seems she was 'reading their mail'!
She was so sincere and gentle... What a genteel, southern lady... Unassuming, elegant and graceful.
She lives just outside of Baton Rouge near her only son on a few acres and like Elly May, she loves her critters.
She's a beautiful 76 now.
This picture is her with Bleah. Bleah loves the old tv programs like I Dream Of Jeanie, Leave It To Beaver and The Beverly Hillbillies... I think she enjoyed meeting Miss Douglas more than she thought she would, I know I did!
Look, she's in my favorite color!!!

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  1. What a sweet write of Elly Mae. TY for sharing.
    Have a warm, wonderful week.TTFN ~Marydon