Thursday, December 3, 2009


That's what they're saying. Maybe an inch +. More than a 50% chance!
Here in Houston it's a big thing. We're not prepared for it at all. Traffic on the roads is so light unless it catches everyone at work..... If you do get out, the stores are so empty! Good time to go Christmas shopping if you ask me!
Usually if we have snow in Houston, it's "rented snow". Machines set up in our cooler tempratures so kids can have just a taste of what it's like.

These pictures are from years past.
Last year they predicted a little snow.... I talked to Gilda and she said at her house, just a few miles south of here, it snowed for about two hours. The next day I spoke with my friend Donna who lives just a couple miles north of us and she said they had snow and the kids loved it!
I was telling Janine who is just on the next block about how Donna and Gilda got snow and we didn't.... She said "We did! " Her grandkids had a great time in it! THE NEXT BLOCK???? Oh, poor Bleah! She's never seen snow and it was just on the next block!

Well, tomorrow..... We're gona go look for it if we have to!

Didn't think about it till this morning..... Need to show some pictures of my heater... Maybe tomorrow.

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