Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even in the extreme summer heat.....

I haven't posted anything in a few weeks.... I have stuff I'm working on and I stay inside as much as possible with this heat.
Iggie's gone to camp as an intern this year and was kind nervous about no one else she knows going..... But, after she was there about 30 minutes she saw the pastor from the church we went to for years ..... He and his wife were bringing their daughter, Dusty. She and Dusty are 14 now and were together in the church nursery to Sunday School until 5 years ago. A REUNION!!!! They were both relieved to see a FRIENDLY FACE!


Aren't these beautiful! They smell so nice, the bush gets huge and they're so hardy! Every morning there are new white blooms on the bush and as the day goes on they change from white to red. The blooms last for several days so there are red and white every morning, in the early afternoon, the blooms are pink and red .

The weather's so hot here so early this year.... it's been over 100 quite a bit already. Water, Water, Water! Just to keep the grass kinda green. This is how he Plumbago are doing, tho' They're soooo beautiful!
I wish it wasn't so hot but I know I couldn't move to someplace where the winters meant snow and ice.

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  1. I want the baby ... you can share can't you?
    Chuckle ... pop over for a visit. TTFN ~Marydon