Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweet pretties.

I've been very busy out in the yard trying to get everything done before it all gets away from me. I have a couple projects going too.
I'll post some of the pictures when I get done.
In the mean time... I decided to move some things around inside. I have a couple busts and they're very different from each other. I can't quite decide where I want them, I think it's because I want to be able to see both of them all the time.
Isn't she lovely?

Over a year ago I had seen a bust in a little shop I love to go into up north of San Antonio, while I was out visiting my daughter. I decided not to get it because It was kinda pricey. (I think it's on ebay for over $200.00) MISTAKE. I went back and my daughter even went back hoping to get it for me but she was gone.
Isn't this one sweet?

I was out in S.A. again several months ago and went into Home Goods and found both of these for around $60.00. Good deal!!! They were both on clearance! They're both good size, this one's about 12" the other 14"-15".
I just love them!

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