Monday, November 26, 2012

Phoenix airport waiting for the fight back to Houston.

This had been a pretty short trip but, praise God I was invited out and spent Thanksgiving with Cort and Tara.
Goodness, it's so hard to say goodbye,especially when there are two little ones involved. Garrett (9) was happy to see me and even tho' it's been two and a half months, after just a little bit Caylee (15 months) decided we're friends and was more than happy to play and read books and snuggle.
  I've never been much of a traveler, maybe because besides being so busy raising kids I just didn't have too much of anywhere to go. Besides, the idea of getting on a plane and going off seemed selfish to me (what was I thinking?).
I have family in Alaska, my mom and three sisters. They're always saying I need to visit. Between a job I never seemed to be able to break away from and the cost of tickets (how could I just pack up and go away on a trip alone?) that's never happened.
 My oldest Daughter went to Greece quite a few years ago, her stay was shorter than we'd expected but we talked about me going there... but then she was back in the US in less than a year. She moved to Florida and I actually stepped out and made road trips there to visit, sometimes just me and one of the kids or two... That was streching my wings!
But this year, so far, I've flown to Phoenix twice! Cort and Tara moved there in March and I thought the next time I would see them would be when they made a trip here. But, they've invited me out and gotten me a ticket both times. This trip was a shorter stay for the holiday. The first one was very different, we went to The Grand Canyon and to Flagstaff for four days.
 I have a very special friend, Ellen, from long ago who lives out there, too. We'd seen each other only two or three times just for a few hours over nearly 40 years but on my first trip to Arizona I was able to spend three days with her and her husband. Funny how you can be decades apart from some people but then when you're together it's so like you'rfe having your weekly visit... She's just one special lady!
 I don't know what Christmas will bring this year. So much is different from last year for my family, I guess I just wait and see.

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