Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love quilting.......

Kristie brought me a pair of overalls for Emery she's done some art work on....Something for her to wear to the school ball games. I'll have to get her to get a picture of Em once I'm done. All she needs is a ruffle around the bottom.
But maybe it's gotten me into a sewing mood. Winters coming. Quilt sewing weather.
I found a quilt pattern I really like "Hat Boxes" after Gilda mentioned that she'd been to a lady's house who quilts and said I'd love her Hat Box quilt so I looked up a pattern..... I doubt it's the same since this lady made up her own... But here's a picture of one I found.
I've done a few quilts, I love doing them by hand, and I'd really like to do 4 different quilts for my 4 kids. I also love the Pastel Bubbles from the same book Passionate Patchworkby Kaffe Fassett. ANNNNDDDDDD..... I called and it's at Half Price Books just down the road for under $10.00!!! Searching for the right fabrics is fun.
Just needs to get a little cooler around her!

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  1. Just amazing Jennifer...I have never seen a hat box quilt before... You can be proud of this one. Kaffe Fassett is incredable huh? xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...