Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've had great aspirations to get this blog filled with interesting things..... There are so many ladies out there who have the most fantastic blogs.... beautiful pictures and ideas.....
But first I want to say today I lost a very special person in my life. Mercy Okotie-Eboh lost her battle with breast cancer and went to be with Jesus.
Mercy was such a special lady. She was my Pastor's sister and I met her while she was here in Houston visiting from Nigeria and she became a true sister to me. It just was all too short. I want to remember everything she spoke to me about. No matter what it was, everything she said was always related to Jesus. I'll always love and miss her.

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  1. Jennifer... Me again... So sorry about Mercy, very hard to lose a best friend, Praise God you'll see her again!!!!In Glory! I'll be lifting you up and asking the Lord to just snuggle with you for a while...Don't know You but can tell we'd be best friends too. I'm your 2nd "Follower". Keep up the good work blogging, I love it, PINK!!!!